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I am a Web and Graphic Designer / Developer, focusing on front-end Web Developement.

By taking advantage of the fast growing world of technology, we can use digital media to help connect with billions of internet users around the entire world. Studies have shown that we now have over 4 billion people accessing the internet, and the number continues to rise. Ecommerce sales are becoming more popular and millions of dollars are being spent online every day, Amazon alone had a net revenue of almost 178 billion dollars in the year 2017.

responsive website design logoResponsive Website Designs

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Websites that look great and function well on every screen size.

Responsive websites are styled in a way so that the layout adjusts according to the size of the screen. Most desktop websites have a multiple column layout, which is fine until you shrink that same layout onto a screen less than a quarter of the size. As you can imagine, things quickly become microscopic resulting in a website that is hard to read, navigate, and will most likely be abandoned. Rather than having two seperate sites entirely, one for mobile and one for desktop, or even worse only a desktop website, it’s more efficient to have one website that works great on all devices. This is becoming crucial these days due to the fact that so many people are accessing the internet through phones and even watches which have screens as small as a couple inches wide.

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In addition to all of my websites being fully responsive, I am constantly looking for new tricks and keeping up to date with the latest development and design trends. I make my websites accessible to as many people as possible, including individuals with disabilities by always using semantic and meaningful HTML (markup language), also providing textual alternatives for images and links. Writing correct and meaningful code is also important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes, helping engines better understand your content and making you more accessible in organic search results.

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My dev tools:

  • Html5
  • Css3
  • Sass
  • WordPress
  • jQuery
  • CodeKit
  • Atom
  • SiteGround (hosting)
  • CodePen

The tools I use, combined with my knowledge and skillset allow me to have full control of the design, content, and layout of your website. Rather than being limited and confined by a generic, overused theme, let's build you a custom theme that reflects you and your brand in a unique way exactly how you want it.

responsive website design logoGraphic Design Services

Hoff Media apparel designs

Use the power of Digital Media to help represent you and your brand.

When you think of all the biggest and best companies, they usually all have one thing in common... GOOD BRANDING. The way you present and market yourself has an enourmous impact on the way your company is percieved by the public. Choosing the right look and feel for your brand and achieving a consistant design throughout your entire company is KEY.

A well designed logo may seem like a small aspect of your company, but it can play a HUGE roll in a well marketed business. Take “Nike” for example, the SWOOSH! It’s simple and small, yet nearly everyone can recognize and remember it. It’s scattered everywhere on their products and advertising, and it’s the perfect example of a well designed logo, as it is simple enough to look good small, and unique enough to stand out and be remembered.

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What can I do:

My main tools when creating any digital graphics are Photoshop and Illustrator from the Adobe Suite.

  • Logos
  • Website designs
  • Business cards
  • Event posters
  • Flyers
  • Digital adds
  • Digital illustrations
  • Brochures

Everywhere you look you can find some sort of advertising, leading you to judge the company by the look and feel of the design without even knowing it. This makes it highly important to have a well thought out and professional design, that leaves people with the right impression of you and your business.

ecommerce iconEcommerce and Digital Marketing

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow” Bill Gates

Studies revealed that well beyond over 4 billion dollars were spent online in the year 2017. Technology is advancing at an overwhelming rate and the internet is an incredibly powerful tool we can use to connect with the entire world. This is creating a market unlike anything we have ever imagined, as we can share our ideas with billions of people.

Having an online store is a no-brainer if you are trying to make money selling products, which is why all of the biggest profiting companies all have a website in addition to their local locations. Giving more people access to your products on such a HUGE scale will enormously widen your potential customer base, which means more money in your pocket. Start taking advantage the internet today, and establish your place on the World Wide Web!

Lets combine forces and create something awesome!

I'm excited to learn more about your project and help however I can!

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